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AFIFI Group was founded in 1982 by Eng Ali Salim, it all started when he launched the first company AFIFI AIR CONDITIONING which is a leading HVAC EPC contractor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabian. A decade later in 1992 AFIFI Metal Works (ASMETAL) was founded as a leading decorative metal works factory and contractor. Competing with the best in the field through a well-established factory and highly trained staff. Last but not least, in June, 2017 AFIFI SOLAR was launched to provide reliable and green power generation and water temperature control solutions to Saudi Arabia market.


Nowadays the traditional source of electricity from the fossil fuels increasing the pollution rates daily and becoming more expensive too. AFIFI decided to share the responsibility by taking a proactive part in saving our fragile environment ... by going Solar.


AFIFI SOLAR mission is to provide the society a clean, reliable, cost effective solar solution. Solutions that will help the end user save their electric bills spending and protect the environment at the same time. AFIFI SOLAR seeks to provide the customers the best service by exceeding their expectations with well-studied solar solutions.


► It is a clean way of generating electricity.
► It is a reliable source of energy even under harsh conditions, very durable, since most solar modules produce electricity for 25 years or more.
► Low maintenance cost since PV system require less maintenance.
► Operates Silently.
► You can expand the system to increases and becomes power generation.

Our Partners

A passion for new technologies, intensive research and revolutionarysolutions have
been shaping the Fronius brand since 1945. As the technology leader, we find,
develop and implement innovative methods to monitor and control energy
for welding technology, photovoltaics and battery charging.
Fortune Global 500 company leading internationally in a broad range of businesses.
Our aggressive investments in our primary industries (chemical, aerospace, mechatronics,
solar energy, and finance) are laying the foundation for sustainable
development and a brighter future for all.
Sole S.A. was the first Greek company to be involved in the renewable energy sources sector,
since its foundation in 1974. Until today, it still maintains its leadership
in the European solar water heater market exporting 70% of
its production all over the world.